Story Bridge Hotel Kangaroo Point

Retracting roof system on Story Bridge hotel Brisbane.

Story Bridge Hotel Upgrade

The historic Story Bridge Hotel is an iconic institution and one of the last remaining family-owned and run hotels in Brisbane. 

There is no better way to enjoy a cold beer on a Sunday afternoon than under the Story Bridge with some friends. 

Early consultation with Robin Spencer Architects was a key factor in the successful design and integration of a retracting roof system for the newly renovated Outback Bar & Grill Beer Garden.  

The All Seasons retractable roof fully protects the outdoor area from the elements to create a dynamic social atmosphere and weather protection for patrons all year round. 

Dove Industry specialises in the design and installation of retracting roof systems. We work closely with architects, builders and homeowners to create a seamless flow between interior and exterior spaces, paving the way for a greater return on investment with more seating options all year round. 

Architect: Robin Spencer Architects

Design: Fraser Spenser

Builder: Clarke Constructions

Photographer: Fast Focus Photography

Outdoor awning Story Bridge Hotel, Brisbane
Retractable roof Story Bridge Brisbane
Awning / roof at Story Bridge Hotel - A Dove Industry Project