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Vental Australia has been manufacturing external louvre blinds (EVB) for over 30 years.

In that time Vental has been involved with some of the most iconic architectural buildings in Australia. Vental external venetian blinds are one of the most efficient types of passive solar shading available, providing adjustable light control through tilting and retraction whilst maintaining uninterrupted views.


Vental External Venetian Blinds 80a6

Vental type 80a6  External Venetian blinds have extruded aluminium guide rails with sound deadening inserts, combined with added strength from the roll formed slats and double stove enamel coating. Motorised and retractable blind enables control of internal temperatures and glare whilst preserving uninterrupted views. Vental external Venetian blinds offer the complete solution to your window treatment needs.

Vental 80a6

Vental External Venetian Blinds 80a2

Vental type 80a2 External Venetian Blinds is ideal for large glazed areas. The (PA6) Nylon coated stainless steel wire guides allows for high wear and UV resistance making it perfect for coastal conditions. The added strength of roll formed slats and double stove enamel coating ensures a robust product capable of withstanding the Australian climate, helping to achieve the right balance of natural daylight and internal room temperatures at any time of day.

Vental 80a2

Vental External Venetian blinds 80af

Vental type 80af   External Venetian Blinds has a straight edge, creating a streamlined contour of the slats. This is ideal for a minimal stack when the blind is retracted. The (PA6) Nylon coated stainless steel wire guide allows for high wear and UV resistance making it perfect for coastal conditions. Suitable for most types of installations, Vental 80af is robust and stable when mounted close to the glazing, making it one of the most stable external blinds on the market today.

Vental 80af
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