Trebilcock & Associates Project

markilux 3300 folding arm awnings installed by Dove Industry in Clayfield Brisbane

Awnings mounted over the pool deck for shade protection from the western sun. 

Architect: Trebilcock & Associates

Builder: CGH Construction

Product: markilux 3300 Folding arm Awnings 2 x 5940mm(W) x 3500mm(P)

Location: Clayfield,  Brisbane


Preserving the charm of this historic 1900s federation house while integrating modern comforts presented a unique challenge for Trebilcock architects.

Integrating modern elements while respecting historical significance requires a delicate balance. In this case study, we delve into the thoughtful integration of a folding arm awning in the poolside area. Special attention was given to ensuring the awning’s placement not only provided adequate shade and sun protection for the poolside area but also enhanced the visual aspect of the backyard.

A folding arm awning was chosen for this project as a versatile sun shading solution that can be easily extended or retracted based on changing weather conditions. The SPF 50+ fabric shields against the sun’s UV rays during peak sunlight hours or retracts to bask in the warm glow of a late summer evening. 

The most significant impact of the Markilux folding arm awning is the immediate enhancement of poolside comfort. The shaded area created by the awning provides effective sun protection creating an ideal setting for gatherings and outdoor entertainment.

Folding arm awning over pool on Clayfield project