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Shaderunner® stands out as an exceptional shading solution for commercial and residential applications.

Custom-designed and manufactured from a range of high-quality fabrics to suit each application. Shaderunner® provides a robust retractable shade solution capable of spanning large areas with minimum support structure. This simple yet functional system provides the ultimate convenience of controllable shade on demand, maximising the use of outdoor spaces in the Australian climate.

Min: 2000mm Max: 6500mm
Min: 2000mm Max: 14000mm

High strength fittings

Constructed from durable components and rigorously tested to Australian standards the Shaderunner® retractable shade system can span large areas with minimum support structure. Shaderunner® features 316 stainless steel fittings and marine-grade Ronstan ball-bearing pulleys, ensuring years of trouble-free shading with minimal maintenance

Custom Design and Manufacturing

Every Shaderunner® project is custom-designed and manufactured in Australia. This flexible approach, along with site-specific engineering and structural design enables the creation of a truly tailor-made solution, capable of shading larger or more complex areas with ease.

Retractable shade over courtyard at university
Brisbane shade system over pool

Shade Cover

Using high-quality polyester mesh fabric, the Shaderunner® is extended on hot days to provide up to 95% UV protection. On colder days it can be folded away to let in natural sunlight and warmth. The Shaderunner is manufactured from a range of rigorously tested fabrics, from 95 per cent polyester mesh to waterproof PVC.

Smart Automation - Somfy Controls

Integrate the latest intelligent technology and maximise  the full potential of your sun shading systems at the press of a button.  Whether you are looking to manage weather conditions, reduce energy costs, or increase comfort, this simple and intuitive remote control has pre-set timer functions built into the handset to suit your lifestyle or business.

Automation for blinds


Rain, sun and wind sensors automatically extend or retract your blinds and awnings depending on the pre-set requirements. Sensors automatically adjust as sun or wind levels increases, providing added protection to your investment.

Blinds automation


Operate your blinds and awnings from your smartphone or tablet. Integrate into a BMS or home automation system. Automatically adjusting to changing weather conditions, helps in the reduction of running costs and improves the overall energy efficiency.

Somfy automation remote control


Open and close your blinds and awnings at the press of a button. This simple and intuitive remote control has pre-set timer functions built into the handset to suit your lifestyle or business.

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