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Roller Glide® Zip screens are secured using an interlocking track guided system.

Transforming and securing your outdoor living area from heat and wind with added privacy. The automatic locking system, allows the blinds to be tensioned when down, ensuring the fabric is taught and smooth even in windy conditions. Highly resistant to corrosion and sun damaged due to the superior finishes. The compact and sturdy headbox is made from extruded aluminium. Designed to enclose and protect the motor and fabric from external UV light and weather. Available in hand-operated or motorised options. The superior fabrics provide high solar protection combined with strength and stability. Maintaining the integrity and performance of the fabric in demanding shade applications.

Min: 850mm / Max: 5000mm
Min: 1000mm / Max: 4000mm
Area: Max:
Manual / Motorised
Powdercoat Finish:

Zip Lock

The locking mechanism utilises a heavy-duty latching pin, with hidden integration to secure and tension your shade, ensuring an ultra-smooth fabric finish.


The ultimate external screening solution for any outdoor area or window. Using the patented z-LOCK technology to zip-guide the fabric and create a fully sealed, ultra-smooth fabric finish. Protects against sun, wind, rain, and insects all year round.


Exterior Blind + Awning Fabrics

Depending on your shade requirements, we have a range of composite fabrics for outdoor solar protection. They can be perforated, waterproof or even opaque to offer protection against heat or bad weather, total opacity and privacy… In natural shades or bright colours, this range surely contains a fabric to suit all your requirements.

Smart Automation - Somfy Controls

Integrate the latest intelligent technology and maximise  the full potential of your sun shading systems at the press of a button.  Whether you are looking to manage weather conditions, reduce energy costs, or increase comfort, this simple and intuitive remote control has pre-set timer functions built into the handset to suit your lifestyle or business.

Automation for blinds


Rain, sun and wind sensors automatically extend or retract your blinds and awnings depending on the pre-set requirements. Sensors automatically adjust as sun or wind levels increases, providing added protection to your investment.

Blinds automation


Operate your blinds and awnings from your smartphone or tablet. Integrate into a BMS or home automation system. Automatically adjusting to changing weather conditions, helps in the reduction of running costs and improves the overall energy efficiency.

Somfy automation remote control


Open and close your blinds and awnings at the press of a button. This simple and intuitive remote control has pre-set timer functions built into the handset to suit your lifestyle or business.

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