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Renson®’s louvred roof blends seamlessly with the existing architecture of your home.

Create the ultimate living space outdoors with a welcoming outdoor area to relax with family and friends. Customised options include sliding panels in various designs with seamless integration of glass walls. Just a few of the options that allow you to create a unique personal solution

MIN. 1600 / MAX 6000
MAX 6055
Powder Coat  Colours:
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Flexible design

Renson® aluminium louvred roofs add luxury and style to your outdoor living space. Adding architectural value is top of the agenda during every phase of the design process. Renson®’s louvred roofs provide extra living space, Offering flexible design capabilities and technical options, you can find a Renson louvred roof to suit all your outdoor needs.


Renson offers an extensive range of lighting solutions, beautifully integrated into the aluminium frame. Choose between upward indirect lighting, downward direct lighting, or a unique combination of both to create the perfect ambience for any occasion. 

Retractable louvres Brisbane
Zipshade screens on retractable louvre roof

Retractable louvres

Renson Camargue Skye louvre roof gives you a sense of openness and protection at the push of a button. The motorised louvres can retract using the patented S-drive technology. Aluminium louvres can be rotated up to 150° allowing full control of light and weather protection.

Zipshade Screens

We offer a wide range of colours so that you can find the fabric that suits you perfectly. The Architects’ Selection is a range of colours that are very popular in current design and building trends. The fibreglass fabrics are also available with a crystal window, providing a crystal-clear view.

Smart Automation - Somfy Controls

Integrate the latest intelligent technology and maximise  the full potential of your sun shading systems at the press of a button.  Whether you are looking to manage weather conditions, reduce energy costs, or increase comfort, this simple and intuitive remote control has pre-set timer functions built into the handset to suit your lifestyle or business.

Automation for blinds


Rain, sun and wind sensors automatically extend or retract your blinds and awnings depending on the pre-set requirements. Sensors automatically adjust as sun or wind levels increases, providing added protection to your investment.

Blinds automation


Operate your blinds and awnings from your smartphone or tablet. Integrate into a BMS or home automation system. Automatically adjusting to changing weather conditions, helps in the reduction of running costs and improves the overall energy efficiency.

Somfy automation remote control


Open and close your blinds and awnings at the press of a button. This simple and intuitive remote control has pre-set timer functions built into the handset to suit your lifestyle or business.

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