Markilux outdoor blinds and awnings Brisbane


markilux 3300 recess features a modern design with German precision engineering in every detail.

Depending on the structural situation and design, the front profile disappears completely into the wall cavity providing protection form moisture, debris and dirt. Designed and built for performance the Markilux 3300 is mutable for both commercial and  residential applications.

Min: 2500mm / Max: 7000mm
Min: 2000mm / Max: 4000mm
Area: Max: 
Powder Coat: 
markilux 3300 recessed closed folding arm awning Brisbane


The fully enclosed cassette makes the markilux 3300 a favourite among commercial applications. Designed to intergrade with the façade, providing a clean and unobtrusive appearance. Ideally suited for patios, decks as well as alfresco dining areas for cafés, restaurants and clubs.

Bionic Tendon 

markilux has developed the bionic tendon from high-tech fibres and used nature as its inspiration to create optimal power transference to the folding arms for strength and quiet operation. Safety and durability was the response from the Fraunhofer institute when the awning achieved more than 50,000 arm flexions.

Markilux Brisbane - bionic tendon on folding arm awning
Markilux Brisbane rain sensor for awnings

Rain sensor

Operates automatically when rain is detected using RTS radio technology.  Retracts one or more awnings in the event of rain.

Smart Automation - Somfy Controls

Integrate the latest intelligent technology and maximise  the full potential of your sun shading systems at the press of a button.  Whether you are looking to manage weather conditions, reduce energy costs, or increase comfort, this simple and intuitive remote control has pre-set timer functions built into the handset to suit your lifestyle or business.

Automation for blinds


Rain, sun and wind sensors automatically extend or retract your blinds and awnings depending on the pre-set requirements. Sensors automatically adjust as sun or wind levels increases, providing added protection to your investment.

Blinds automation


Operate your blinds and awnings from your smartphone or tablet. Integrate into a BMS or home automation system. Automatically adjusting to changing weather conditions, helps in the reduction of running costs and improves the overall energy efficiency.

Somfy automation remote control


Open and close your blinds and awnings at the press of a button. This simple and intuitive remote control has pre-set timer functions built into the handset to suit your lifestyle or business.

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