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Transform your outdoor living space at the touch of a button with the all-weather  operable louvre roof system.

Create an outdoor space that can be used all year round with a louvred roof system. Trapezoid louvres can rotate up to 130° to capture the sun or close with the unique locking system to keep out the rain and weather.

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Brisbane louvred roof system as outdoor awning

Louvred Roof System

Architecturally inspired to create an all-weather outdoor living experience. Manufactured from extruded aluminium, offers greater tensile strength for larger spans and is corrosion-resistant to harsh coastal environments for longevity.

Lighting & Heating

Lighting and heating are effective ways to add ambience and atmosphere to your outdoor living space. Customised your louvre roof and adapt to your living and environmental conditions.

External louvred roof awning - light and heat

Blade Design

The high-grade aluminium louvres can rotate up to 130 degrees, allowing greater flexibility in controlling the lighting and weather conditions. The extruded aluminium blades have an interlocking design that ensures no water can penetrate once the roof is closed—featuring a tapered top section and a flat bottom to ensure proper water drainage.


Pre-engineered custom framing with an integrated gutter system provides an effective way to channel water off the roof. Made from high-grade aluminium and stainless steel fixtures. The Louvre roof system has been developed to ensure smooth operation and high durability.